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2 thoughts on “ (Jafco)

  1. hunza says:
    Rating: 2

    I like the owner of jafco (john) and this system is good but it is very hard to find a wheel you can use it on. If you want to use visual ballistics this is one of the better packages

  2. Laurence says:
    Rating: 3

    You should try another similar system called masters roulette. I have them both and imo this and jafcos visual system are pretty similar.

    Both are good, both work, but you need to find the right wheels where you can use them.

    For people who dont know, it is a visual ballistics system and you need to find when the ball has a certain time before it is falling. And you watch the numbers on the wheel when this happens then place your bets before the croupier waves bets off.

    I dont think masters roulette is any better than jafco they are both fairly similar, but jafco probably has clearer ebooks

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