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  1. toby says:
    Rating: 1.5

    This is really good software with some cool features and support but it unfortunately has not helped me win roulette. It is a betting bot among other features and gives lots of interesting information but its not very helpful for actually winning.

    The software comes with a free system but it doesnt work. I tested it on tens of thousands of spins to be sure, which were all from real but older casino spins, and it fared no better than any other losing system.

    Kudos should be given to the software developer because its good software. But it just doesn’t work and doesnt beat roulette. Maybe it can be used to automatically apply a better system but the system it advises with one number bet doesnt work

  2. DaBom says:
    Rating: 0.5 is a scam.

    The system is bullshit and Ray who gave a 5 star review is obviously the guy selling this trash!

    The reviews on the system sales website would have to be bullshit too.

    The system is a progression like another system I had where you aim to make a set level of profit. It doesnt work.

    Ask around on any of the forums who has tested this system. These scams are a dime a dozen. Do your research people.

    An open review sites like this are going to be shady. Think about it can yo really trust any review when anyone can post them? I would not trust any of the reviews personally. Seriously admin you don’t think the review is a bit shady? It reads more like an ad!

    I don’t agree with Toby’s assessment either. The software is just a bot that probably took a couple of hours to make.

  3. Ryan Dunn says:
    Rating: 0.5

    Definitely a scam. The 5 star review here is probably from the people running the scam.

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