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  1. sigmund says:
    Rating: 1

    John has been around for a long time and I found his free ebook very interesting but after around a year of following his method, sorry it just doesnt work.

    I dont have anything personally against him but he is basically saying that eventually your winning number will hit so spread your bets to the sleepers and eventually you will win.

    Now that I know better I dont think john has a clue what he is talking about.

  2. nchro says:
    Rating: 0.5

    There are an awful lot of mistakes in his ebooks but I like the functionality of his websites.

    His raindrop system doesnt work no matter how long you play it for.

    Solitide is a good example of how anyone can act like a pro and claim they are a pro, without actually being one

  3. noble says:
    Rating: 2

    Solitudes systems are amatuerish at best and dont work but his ebooks are free and he shares them, for that I give 2 stars

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