Balvinder Sambhi Roulette System

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7 thoughts on “Balvinder Sambhi Roulette System

  1. Jimmy says:
    Rating: 0.5

    I bought this system after reading a news article about Balvinder Sambhi winning lots in a casino and being banned. The system is a scam I assume the newspapers just wanted to print a sensationalist rubbish article. The system is a basic martingale where you increase bets after losing. He got lucky with a big win is all.

    Balvinder’s systems are free all over the internet because he scammed so many people.

    Take a look at these:

    Go to any good roulette forum and ask for links to download it free. Lots of people have tested it even with bots and it loses so it is 100% a scam

  2. Konnick says:
    Rating: 0.5

    He actually has a few systems and they are all losers. Here is one he sells for £2500 and calls it his master system. It was posted at a roulette forum by someone he scammed……….

    Here is a summary.

    Wait for twelve consecutive spins to appear without 8,9,11,12 or 26,27,29,30 appearing.

    If you see this, you then bet 2 corner bets (8,9,11,12 + 26,27,29,30)using a 28 step betting progression. The bankroll you will need for this is 2500. The first bet is 10 pence and the final bet at stage 28 is 300.

    For the same bankroll, you could start the first step with a pound bet, however doing this will only give you 20 steps.

    The next method has you waiting for 12 consecutive numbers to appear between 7-12 and 25-36.
    Once you see this, you then bet 1-6 and 13-24 for the next 7 spins.

    You could reverse this by waiting for 12 consecutive numbers to appear between 1-6 and 13-24 and then bet the 7-12 and 25-36 for the next 7 spins.

    Here is the betting progression for the 7 spins.

    1. 15.00.
    2. 30.00.
    3. 60.00.
    4. 120.00.
    5. 240.00.
    6. 480.00.
    7. 960.00. Of course you would need to divide these totals by three to place them on the three 6 number lines. The total bankroll for this method is 1905.00.

    Here are the betting progressions for the first method I mentioned.
    The first one is the 28 step progression starting with 10 pence.
    Remember you are betting two corner bets x 10 pence each to begin with.

    1. 10p.
    2. 20p.
    3. 30p.
    4. 40p.
    5. 50p.
    6. 60p.
    7. 80p.
    8. 1.00.
    9. 1.50.
    10. 2.00.
    11. 2.50.
    12. 4.00.
    13. 5.00.
    14. 6.00.
    15. 8.00.
    16. 10.00.
    17. 14.00.
    18. 18.00.
    19. 23.00.
    20. 30.00.
    21. 45.00.
    22. 60.00.
    23. 80.00.
    24. 100.00.
    25. 130.00.
    26. 170.00.
    27. 220.00.
    28. 300.00. Once again, remember you have to x all these by 2 because you are playing 2 corner bets. The total bankroll for this method is 2465.80p.

    Now for the 20 step progression where your base bet is starting at 1 pound.

    1. 1.00.
    2. 2.00.
    3. 3.00.
    4. 4.00.
    5. 5.00.
    6. 6.00.
    7. 8.00.
    8. 10.00.
    9. 15.00.
    10. 20.00.
    11. 25.00.
    12. 40.00.
    13. 50.00.
    14. 60.00.
    15. 80.00.
    16. 100.00.
    17. 130.00.
    18. 170.00.
    19. 220.00.
    20. 295.00. Once again, remember you need to x these by 2 as well as you are playing 2 corner bets. Total bankroll for this system is 2498.00.

  3. nikosguar says:
    Rating: 1

    Never pay for a system or this is what you get. A stupid progression bet martingale where you need a huge bankroll and a lot of luck.

    You are right he has a few systems. The ones I have use either corner bets or 18 numbers and neither work. Just anoher scam for the bin

  4. rx says:
    Rating: 0.5

    This system is old news guys. It is already coded in roulette xtreme tester and loses. It is for free on a few forums. Yup its a scam alright. Since when did you start believing newspapers? Here you go to plug it in the roulette xtreme tester.

    ———start code————-

    system “balvinder 2 corners”

    method “main”
    While starting a new session
    call “initialize”;

    if flag “BetOn” is true
    call “check win”

    //get last number
    copy last number to record “last spin” layout;

    if flag “BetOn” is false
    if record “last spin” layout is found in record “check” layout
    put 0 on record “spin-counter” data;

    if record “last spin” layout is not found in record “check” layout
    add 1 on record “spin-counter” data;

    if record “spin-counter” data = 12
    set flag “BetOn” to true
    call “place bets”
    // ***************************************************************************
    method “check win”
    If net > 0
    set flag “BetOn” to false
    put 1 on record “progression” data index;
    put 0 on record “spin-counter” data;
    add 1 on record “progression” data index;
    // ***************************************************************************
    method “place bets”
    put 100% record “progression” data on Corner(8:12)
    put 100% record “progression” data on Corner(26:30)
    // ***************************************************************************
    method “initialize”
    clear record “last spin” data;
    set flag “BetOn” to false
    put 0 on record “spin-counter” data;
    put 1 on record “progression” data index;
    set list [1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,15,20,25,40,50,60,80,100,140,180,230,300,450,600,800,1000,1300,1700,2200,3000] on record “progression” data
    copy list [number 8, number 9, number 10, number 11, number 26, number 27, number 29, number 30] to record “check” layout;

  5. tansac says:
    Rating: 0.5

    This guy is talked about on every roulette forum. you should read them before buying it. he called it sequential roulette but now uses the name master system and he advertises on ebay. He has got good ebaY feedback but for small transactions so I think they are fake because he buy from himself. lots of scam artists do this on ebay

    I think it is a different system to what is exactly here but is similar. It might be he changed it after

  6. No name says:
    Rating: 1

    This system is complete bullshit, I work in Casino, watched this bellend Balvinder Sambhi with one of his prays yesterday, 5-6 hours watching touchbets and writing down numbers, at the end they went to table, lost £400 in 10 minutes without hitting single number!!! This bellend Balvinder Sambhi is broke as fu*k, he is coming just to drink free tea and wait for someone to play with his money, he doesn’t drop penny from his pocket into table!!!

  7. dalgar says:

    i’m confused as to why its a ‘scam’

    he is selling a roulette progression method. fair enough the calculations can be made easy enough without having to pay for the privilege, ill give you that.

    but if two corners miss 40times in a row, thats bad luck, not a scam. the method is in black and white. and theoretically does work unless you miss 40times.
    I’m just a little bit confused, you are talking like this method is useless, perhaps you can show me a method with 100% success rate? TIA

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