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17 thoughts on “Rrsys.info (real roulette system)

  1. Anard says:
    Rating: 0.5

    I have this system. There are a few different windows apps that come with it and they dont work. It is not just a book.

    I have rrplus-sbloccato.exe, neighbor predictor and spin professional programs.

    I’m not sure why they are supposed to work but I am sure they dont work. I tested for days at online casinos and still lost.

    The videos on the website are very convincing, but now I think he made them only to make a fortune selling systems. I believe he probably had a lot of videos where he was losing and only shows the videos where he is winning.

    I dont believe his videos in the online casinos are with real money accounts.

    Sorry to say but I think this is just a clever scam.

  2. sigmato ficianato says:
    Rating: 1.5

    I have it too. Its not hard to see what it is supposed to do. The neighbour predictor software will just give predictions on four opposing points. Like if the spin was 0 then 0, then you get predictions 0,5,34,18.

    Or if you get numbers 1,2 then the predictions are 12,30,20,2. It doesnt work. There is no workable logic to it.

    The professional version uses a 3 number lead up. And if you had for example 0, 32, 15, then the predictions are 19 and 16 because 16 is on the opposite side.

    Then say you had the three numbers 0, 15, 16, then the predictions are 33,19. So it looks at the distance between previous numbers and gives you a prediction based on the last number.

    So I think it supposed to work on dealer signature with the same distances in pockets from spin to spin.

    Look it can win in the right conditions but you would need a very predictable wheel and a dealer that spins the same very low ball and wheel speeds. I agree that he probably made lots of videos and picked only the best ones to show people and I agree the system doesnt really work like advertised. Rather it can work in theory, but it doesnt in the real casinos.

    But there are much better ways to use dealer signature than rrsys.info system and choosing just opposing parts and 4 areas of the wheel is not going to work unless the wheel falls at 4 points equally around the wheel, and even then how do you know the wheel will be there at the right points when the ball is falling?

    But still its better than most systems I have even if I havent made any money from it.

  3. Italia45 says:
    Rating: 1

    I got this from I think vlsroulette.com someone put the files for it for download. They arent there anymore because admin removed them.

    sigmato (wtf with the name?) you said it all. Gotta admit though the videos he has are still pretty impressive. But if I paid for the software I would have been pretty disappointed

  4. John says:
    Rating: 5


    I have the RRSYS level 2 Classic , I hear and read a lot of people who complane…and they have right , the explanation for that amount of money is no good. RRSYS only talks about the last 3 hits of the Marquee…but that’s not the right way to play it.
    I asked the creator to make a good instruction video for how the technique works…but there is always a axcuse. OK that were the bad experions , the good ones are that it works super……at last if you really know HOW to use this technique , and I’m honest to you all …it took me more than 2 years and that for many hours a day. but one thing is for sure…it works.

  5. robby says:
    Rating: 0.5

    The system is rubbish. Admin I expect John (the last review) is the seller of the system because it definitely doesnt work and he gives it 5 stars? Yeah whatever. The system is a poor approach at what seems to be dealer signature. You look at the last few spins and bet on a few numbers based on the distance between the numbers. It doesn’t work, I tried this before I even bought this rubbish and am very disappointed to have paid money for it.

  6. Liam David's says:
    Rating: 3

    Who ever said I have rrplus-sbloccato.exe, neighbor predictor and spin professional programs.
    Is clearly purchased from a duplicate website

    As that doesn’t exist.

    Anyone who complain are stupid I seen a real casino visit with real money. I have never seen any internet system used and demonstrated in a real casino before

    Usuly only fake fun mode balance bonus online.

    Least it’s genuine I don’t have the best results with it but it’s better then every other I’ve used. And yes I paid for it. I read clearly what I was paying for. Which clearly states no guarantees etc. it’s info on how he bets. Fair play

    I paid 200 pound last year for a system off eBay that GUARENTEED 50pound a day. Bollox it was a joke.

    Rrsys gets me over five hundred when it works well. Which is what I withdraw on.

  7. Frank Tonon says:
    Rating: 0.5

    rsys is a scam. It just doesnt work. I bought the professional program from rrsys.info in the photo in my post. The first thing I did was see the input and output. I put in 0,0,0 and the number to bet is 10.

    That’s just BS. There is no legitimate correlation between 0 and 10. they are just opposite on the wheel. So what if we had numbers constantly 0,0,0,0,0,0. Does that mean we keep betting 10 and losing?

    Save yourself the money and just look at distance between first two numbers then bet opposite. If you go 0,10,0 then the numbers to bet are 26,10. This has no merit in roulette and the seller knows it. I could create a program like this myself, then make a cool video of big wins on fun accounts, then sell it for lots of money too.

  8. Terrance M says:
    Rating: 3.5

    A made general error I paid 150 usd for software which i assumed was rsys prediction,

    turns out it was not authentic, my error, or at least i’d like to assume because there was numerous similar sellers selling the software when i looked into it more after the mistake was made

    i have seen a few people post pictures of software and these pictures of software are from fake scammers. i should have realised as the websites selling the rsys programs also sell other software with different names

    the most puzzling thing is that i eventually discovered the true original creator and that website itself has the lowest views out of all the duplicate sites i suspect the fake duplicate websites have obtained fake views to increase the popularity of there websites to increase traffic to there websites.

    i have reported the sites to the creator who stated he is no professional on the computer and does not know the best advice on how to refrain from people going to duplicate sites however with the information given directly aswell as purchase of the professional documentation i purchased i have had some possitive roulette results since

    i most definately suggest someone maybe competition has been trying to make it look bad

    1. admin says:

      This page is for rrsys.info only. So the readers are clear, where did you obtain the fake? And why didn’t you purchase directly from rrsys.info?

  9. Matthew P Martins says:
    Rating: 3

    I also paid over 100 aus dollars for a software only to discover that the software was a fake non genuine item.

    I made the error of seeing some roulette videos online and I simply assumed it was software my own mistake, and I found what i assumed was rrsys on youtube and paid them in poor english another reason i should have realised


    This site above also has other name software which I can expect are all fakes

    I finally reported these findings to youtube.com/user/realroulette which I studied to confirm this channel is correct and from here discovered the website seen above in the photograph of this review and it is an interesting approach to roulette to me.

    So youtube.com/user/RRSYSroulette is not a real website it is full of copies or fakes etc.

    1. Rmofo says:

      Mathew the site you say is fake is a youtube account.

      a. It has the rrsys.info link all over it. Thats a link to the real site with the real order link. Why would a fake seller do that?????

      b. If it is a fake account with your videos, then you could easily ask youtube to shut the account down. It seems clear now that the “real” rrsys seller knows all about the fake seller, so why does the fake youtube account still exist?

      c. If all these people are buying a counterfeit product, Paypal wouldnt allow that account to exist.

      Conclusion: It doesn’t add up. I think you and some of the other reviewers on this page are actually the real rrsys seller and you are making excuses to explain bad reviews. And giving yourself good reviews.

      By the way your videos are rubbish. I can take videos of a few lucky wins and make it look like I win a fortune, all to sell a system that doesn’t work. But you know what I’m honest and wouldnt do that.

      I think admin needs to take greater care in checking reviews are authentic.

      1. admin says:

        I can see the IP addresses of every reviewer. Of the 3 people that posted higher star ratings, 2 are from the UK on Sky broadband network. 1 is from the Netherlands. In my opinion, at least 2 of these reviews are from the same person but I wont remove them because I cannot know for sure, and will let the reader decide.

        1. Rmofo says:

          The chances of different users being on same network in same country are remote. Thats pretty blatant and you let scammers get away with it destroy integrity of the site. I know you give a warning on the home page about fake reviews but it doesnt get more obvious than this. I didnt buy this system but got it from someone else and it doesnt work. I think its bullshit that there is a fake seller. Its just an excuse to explain away unhappy buyers

        2. Rmofo says:

          Well isnt it a bizzare coincidence that 2 of 3 good reviews are from the UK, and the seller is from the UK too! Gee figure that one out.

          All the videos from rrsys look impressive but I bet he did lots of other videos that weren’t so good. Why aren’t we seeing them?? Again I wonder. This is a perfect scam.

  10. Aleksa says:
    Rating: 2

    Hello to all of you.
    Please read the whole post,then comment.
    The worst thing about RRSYS is that you can’t blame the author,because well he is not lying.He is showing something that will work in some conditions and that is true.Well you will need some time to find dealer for it,but yes it works.Anyway,to be honest I don’t think it is worth that amount of money,and it is poorly explained.Now lets talk about the way of playing RRSYS.What he says it is basic,and it is not such a great way to play it.There are 7 other ways to play it,as you will see it in RRSYS LSP videos.You will see they’re not playing classic RRSYS.Anyway I have my own website and yt channel,if you want,feel free to check it out.I sell more systems,both for live and RNG.Best regards to all of you,hope you win 🙂

    1. Paul of RRSYS.info says:

      Hello fellow reviewers. It is almost mid-day here in the UK 11:58 GMT London

      I am Paul from RRSYS.info directly. You can check the validity of this message on my website rrsys.info/verify – in fact it is this very website that has encouraged me to make that very page (verify)

      to check

      I came across this website for the first ever time yesterday, and as you may or may not know, I am just a very normal average guy in the UK. I am genuine and have integrity. I am not going to use this space as a story or background talk area as that info iteself about me can be found elsewhere. However I have never ceased to be amazed by people who discovered about my Roulette Prediction (RRSYS) simply from online. Meaning I still get overwhelmed that people contact me who have never met me before, in comparison to those whom I have embrased conversation with inside casinos that I have been at in the past etc.

      Never the less I randomly found this site literally yesterday, and was going to give some responce directly from myself, but I realised that from the comment box at the bottom of this page could potentially be from anyone (trolls i think is the term? fake people pretending to be me etc)

      I made the link rrsys.info/verify so that you can visit knowing that theres only one person that operates my website (me) and that you can go back to the link after reading this comment on your website which I am typing here now and be assured that it is actually me,. This may not be the right way of doing things, I do not know but it is like everything else I do a simple yet honest method of being acurate without any qualms.

      So firstly, I will reply my opinions. From some of the comments I have seen on here, aswell as the ones I more commonly find on random YouTube channels, there sure well seems to be many more “customers” then I realised I actually had. What do I mean, well simply put, I havent had as many purchases as what appears to come across from the things I read.

      I am not a business, I am just a single person with a full time hobby in roulette. Which I ended up struggling in making my home-made website to have a little spot on the world wide web, to display my ability in playing roulette (for real money)

      I do occur losses as I have always said there are real risks of loss in any gamble, but when I win I can get consistent rolls of wins from predicting the location to a small section of the wheel sometimes to the very exact number pocket which the ball lands on resulting in what I consider large accumulative profitable wins when correct. I say large accumulative profits in comparison to doubling £1 to £2 on even bets or simply geting double your money back when you cover half the wheel anyway, from numerous stories I have heard from other players, as well as playing that way back many years ago when I discovered roulette?

      I always take on good and bad feedback, I suppose theres no stopping it in my mind, I have of course seen other systems on the internet that make me cringe… why? because I can tell immediately that they are not real money, or animated cartoon style RNG games of roulette, or the fact they have written “guarentees of winnings thousands ££££ per day” or the fact they have comments disabled, or sometimes I have looked more into things, and I have seen a rubbish roulette video showing a random roulette system which has literally millions of views yet no comments or likes are disproporionate to the views or lifetime of the video and vice versa.

      This is why sometimes I do get a little bit piffed seeing negative comments towards me, I shouldn’t be worried as myself I know I have won and can do frequently but theres always the days your not so lucky. But I think to myself some of the negative comments are actually truly invalid false etc (not just in my own opinion).

      I have seen glorious reviews on some videos that are so poor in terms of random roulette systems I have been shown in the past even to this day seeing one on youtube where I can see manipulation of editing graphics on score/withdrawn money (still shots) clearly fake, nothing to back it up.

      Yet I can see sometimes I get the shit spoke of when not one video of mine has ever been edited in a manipulative way to be deceiving, nothing but actual direct actual play has ever been on a video of mine. I still can not understand in my own mind why to this date (5th Nov 2014) that I have about 6000 views on a video I took inside the casino on my first and last ever hidden camera covert recording with a spy cam as such, which shows real play in the casino reasl cash you can see, real people (which i spent hours blurring there identity away as a novice on a computer video software, i think I done very well) – yet I get so little views, as if its blocked. I even have gone to the lengths of traveling to a casino knowing full well the 2 hour journey is a waste of time as I know I will not be permitted into the building to gamble as I have a UK national barr against my membership to the majority of UK land based casinos, not only that but on occations I have also filmed the rejection at the casinos on film and managed to get direct manager answers to why I have been barred from there casinos on more then one occation.

      Yet there are still these awful poor videos floating around YouTube with glorious comments, on videos that ridiculously claim that they have systems the casino doesnt want you to know about or is banned in the casino. But at the end of the day, I do still beleive I have been the first person to film there play inside a casino predicting roulette, I get barred nationally for doing so, as in my opinion the casinos actualy realise that if enough people where to thoughrly watch and inspect every video that I have ever shared could realise there is true potential to beat the casino in terms of predicting the roulette wheel, even if its in a manner of exceeding the maximum table limits due to the fact 10 or more people could play “the rrsys way” and take the casino for alot of money. It happens but to this date I dont think its ever happened to a level where its caused much harm in terms of potential casino losses, as I am just a single individual at this time. I have no evil methods behind me, I do not want to cause harm to any casino, people in there have jobs, I have been without a job since 2004 it is not a nice experience having so much spare free time, so i know what it would be like to have no job. Yet at the same time, at the small number of places that I can manage to play roulette I still manage to live from gambling on roulette, of course since being barred has seriously reduced my opportunities to beat roulette simply for the fact of being refused entry in the casinos, and at the same time I get people asking me why do I sell my system if it wins money?? Because its my knowledge you would be reading up on, and the fact I can not legitimately enter most of the casinos anymore is a serious drawback for me.

      There used to be a time I would meet up and go in a casino with no more then 2 people, and have a session in the real casinos, and yes they are much more advantage to win in the real casino being at the tables in comparison to online. Theres also more opportunity to talk to people and explain things face to face which is much better then haveing someone with dislexia write a book for everyone to follow and expect to have exactlty the same results as I would do myself (wins and losses) – but this used to take up my time, I do have a personal life which consists of the usual problems as well as trying to enjoy life day to day. But the fact even this is even less available now, to this day I am only aware of two casino chains that I can visit, for whatever reasons I am able to enter but yet its the otherside of the country to where I am, and as I say predicting roulette is just as much of a gamble as throwing 10 chips randomly onto a roulette table in no particular fashion, there will always be that element of risk/loss. But the difference being, when I play roulette which is 95% always the same method of predicting the pocket/section when the wins come in they really can come in big rolls with serious profits that I had never in my lifetime gained with such speed of course with specific conditions and patience which can be hard to master in such an enviroment where everything is go go go.

      #Frank Tonon
      Anyway with that out the way, I think I got a little carried away there, Frank Tonon, that is a name I certianly do not recall dealing with, I am not here to doubt weather or not we have delbt with each other before, as of course some people do use an alias when they gamble as not everyone wants to be as open about there gambling activities, however I just wanted to let you know, the software you are talking about having no correlation between 10,0 for instance, I can let you know now that the software has not been available on mysite for a long time (unavailable) simply because at the time it came about it was brought to my attention that someone wanted to make a software tool to incorporate the key of rrsys prediction, however rrsys prediction explained in writing is much more in depth then how the software works, its hard to explain in words let alone have someone else create a peice of software incorporating the RRSYS name on it to gain feedback to see what kind of interest it gained. Of course it has some of the very most basic theories of how RRS works, but literally it does only have the most very basic theorie, with more understanding in terms of knowing what to look as explained in the real prediction material document and in particular things which I would look for in my own session of roulette would do exactly the same as what I would do at the table myself, but as it is I am alot quicker with my prediction then the total amount of time needed in using the software, again this software was a afterthought offering as a cheaper alternative to anyone who did not want to pay the price I was asking for my full indepth system in writing, but at the same time wanted to try a begginers tool. Which as a result I belive was leaked around many countries.

      #Terrance M
      I still hate to hear you that you paid money for something from a similar seller, or scammer I can not decide which is more fitting. However even after your report there is very little that I am aware of that I can do about anything. I am just a normal guy, how can I demand some external website or youtube channel be deleted or removed, theres only so much I am aware of in terms of know how or experience to deal with things like this on the internet, let alone my own website.

      #Matthew P
      as you correctly say, the link on youtube for me, can be found verified on my website, so yes for my YouTube channel the URL is indeed youtube.com/user/realroulette

      I am aware there are similar names/urls to my channel name, which are very annoying again I have no control what other people create sadly, i think its very misleading.

      #Also in responce to RMOFOs ressponce, I did not clearly know all the fake sellers at all, either way I still do not have the capacity to shut someone down for simply having a similar name on a website, and it certinaly isnt something PayPal have ever been able to help me with.

      Also again, RMOFO this is why I have come here to reply myself, I do know who the JOHN guy is with 5 stars, he has been a long term person who has interest in my website there has never been any purchase as such but has always been a open guy to talk with, so that may well be why the 5 star. He is always from what I am aware is from the Netherlands.

      #Liam David
      I see you mention rrplus-sbloccato.exe – that even to me is astonishing, I myself have never heard of that in my life. Also I agree with your comment about vouching for the hidden camera casino video, thank you.

      I see you say my system is rubbish, that is your oppinion thanks, but let me bring you to a conclution, when I made these videos that you find on my YouTube account, let me remind you, I created the account, I called it REALROULETTE, this was prior to me giving it a name RRSYS Real Roulette SYStem… If you check you can see the Youtube account creation was very close to the date of me uploading the first ever video (how i won 120750) reason being, was this video intentially was only ever put together to show at the time my closest friends that I had finally done it, big bets that actually won, as I was always convinced somehow that real roulette (with a real ball) would be rigged somehow to let little bets win but big bets loose for casino profit. Thats when I started to get messages from around world asking similar questions to how I played roulette, which is then slowly how RRSYS came about of how I play roulette, I can confirm that I did not know what dealer signature was, and even now I still think there are differences to how I play to what I have since learned of that.

      Let me re-emphisize on your break down of the software, I never created the software, I am not cleaver enough to make software just about able to make what you see as i have for a website. There was 2 interested partys whom where interested in how I play roulette and took some very basic steps and implemented it into a software, which again is not available as it is not a full scale prediction method as compared to how I play roulette .

      if you have a few different window apps you must certainly have got them from someone other than myself.
      the videos i uploaded have and always will be real, as explained above the very first one was to proove i ha won big wins finally to my friends whom i sent the link to etc at the time on facebook. and I can confirm everything has been real money won or lost.

      so this has been probably the longest time I have ever typed, but this is my response, any one else wish to contact me, feel free I am just a normal guy, but you are free to reach me when I am available from my website rrsys.info – thanks.

      1. admin says:

        Paul, thanks for your feedback about the reviews. A few points though:

        1. Sellers cannot give themselves star ratings. You gave your system 4.5 stars but I removed them, although kept your post. You are welcome to respond to any criticisms etc.

        2. As admin all I do is ensure posts are within reasonable guidelines. I have no accurate way to determine who is who here, but there are some indicators (like ip addresses). For example when a proxy is used, those kind of reviewers arent allowed.

        3. I have no idea about the accuracy of statements from yourself or reviewers. It is up to the reader to decide who is telling the truth – reviewers or the seller.

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