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The Interesting Roulette Theory of Precognition

Using the Fascinating Roulette Theory of Precognition to Win at No Deposit Casinos

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If we were to go by today’s scientific knowledge, time moves forward – from the past through the present to the future. We can remember the past and predict the future based on the past or the current occurrences but perceiving the future is impossible.

Recent studies by Cornell University, however, show that conventional scientific knowledge may need some corrections on this particular argument. The data presents some compelling empirical evidence that some many people have psychic abilities to perceive the future in what is referred to as precognition. Today, the precognition theory has become so prevalent that many are advertising it as a way of winning in gambling.

On the internet, you’ll find numerous articles on how to beat roulette, ranging from roulette physics to the types of bets you can place. Sure, they point you in the right direction, but what if there was a more effective way of beating roulette games; one that involved tapping into your inner self and persuading your guiding spirits; would you take it?

What exactly is Precognition?

Precognition is the ability to perceive the future via extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance. Precognition is Latin for ‘acquiring knowledge before’.

Precognition refers to visions that come to you when in an awakened state. Usually, a person receives a short intense mental scenario. A good example would be a mother seeing her child injured. She hurries to find her child about to fall from a tree. Studies show that most of the predicted events will take place within a short time frame.

These skills come to different individuals in different ways – dreams, a flash of insight, gut feelings and clairaudient experiences (the voice inside your head). Just like with any skill, the more you practice the better precognition serves you.

It’s worth mentioning that precognition is often confused with other psychic terms. It is, therefore, important that you learn how to differentiate them.

Harnessing Your Precognition Power

Well, some people may be skeptical about esoteric ideas especially when it comes to beating the roulette game or gambling in general. However, ask yourself why some folks always seem to be ahead of the curve with insights, ideas, and solutions to problems. Take a group of people working on a project for example; why is it that only one person will suddenly come up with a solution using the same information available to all? Could it be the precognitive skills that give them an advantage over the rest? How can you develop this skill?

First off, everyone has had precognitive experiences at some point. Remember that time your phone was ringing and before you even picked it up you knew who was calling (or perhaps you were thinking of calling that person at the time) – not because you were expecting a call but it was completely random. That was your precognition ability in play.

You must learn to recognize this ability and to trust your intuition or sixth sense. You need to explore and test this skill; have the will to believe. To fully tap into your precognition power, you have to relax your mind, thoughts, body and nerves. Here, yoga can be quite helpful – it teaches you how to reach a state of intense concentration through meditation, which ultimately helps you achieve siddhi (complete understanding or enlightenment).

Note that when practicing, it’s advisable to start small and then work your way up. Start with simple black and red guesses, or even and odd and keep a record of your progress. Once you gain confidence, you can visit NoDepositdaddy, to find a no deposit betting site and see if can beat roulette using your skills. It is worth keeping in mind though that when it comes to no deposit casino bonuses, roulette may only count towards a fraction of the wagering requirements so always read the bonus terms and conditions. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to try your precognition abilities and potentially win cash.

How to Beat Roulette Using Precognition

If you’re an avid gambler, you are aware that betting on color is quite risky. One interesting thing about precognition is that betting on black and red always tends to work. Remember that psychic occurrences involve living energy, meaning it’s much easier to remember something that has an emotional attachment. For instance, it will be easy to remember a face rather than a name. A name is kind of arbitrary thus it will be harder to remember.

Similarly, in the roulette theory of precognition predicting a number such as 23 is somewhat arbitrary. However, color is more organic as well as specific. Therefore, you will want to focus on colors rather than numbers if you want to make a correct prediction in this particular casino game – perhaps even green if you’re feeling it.

There are dozens of roulette winning strategies that many players utilize, all of which rely on systems and mathematical statistics. The truth is that these may or may not have an influence on the outcome of your prediction. So, why not give precognition theory a try and see if it really works?