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  1. sigmund says:
    Rating: 0.5

    This guy has some pretty bold claims. Like with some youtube videos that are a hoax he probably makes all the great claims to get visitors then sell ad space but he also sells some software and systems. I have one of his systems from a year ago but it doesnt work and he made mistakes in his math. He also gives away a lot of free stuff like lotto software but it is useless.

  2. mohmd says:
    Rating: 2

    a lot of useful free systems software, its free and I won about $300 at dublinbet.

    I took the profit and havent played since. Still though pretty happy I got to buy new nike shoes!
    sigmund what videos do you mean? I didnt find them on his site??

  3. CasGuru says:
    Rating: 1

    Ion Saliu is just an inexperienced gambler with a website pretending to be knowledgeable with secrets. His theories sound legitimate, unless you understand them. I agree that at least he gives away software but if you paid for it, that would make it a scam. As a professional player myself, I can’t find much merit in anything he provides.

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